Aviation: Bespoke seat cover fabric for Virgin

Aviation: Bespoke seat cover fabric for Virgin

Virgin Atlantic have this week revealed their beautiful new A350 cabin interiors, designed in conjunction with Factory Design in London.

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Botany design studio worked closely with Monica Sogn of VAA (featured in the video below) in developing the original range of fabric and carpet consistent with the airline's stylish, fun and contemporary branding.

Virgin Atlantic's Blog - The Airbus A350: Designed with love, Built for the future

Check out the 0.44 mark for some lovely shots of the fabric being woven here in the mill!

Economy Class seats
Economy Class Upholstery Fabrics
Economy Class Carpet
Upper Class Seat
Upper Class Vertical Surface Fabric
Upper Class Carpet
The Loft - Upper Class Social Space
VAA Curtain
Loft Ottoman Upholstery Fabric
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Forbes described the new Upper Class as 'a revelation...  the new set-up is elegant, classy and unbelievably comfortable. The new cabin design is deeply attractive.'

Turning Left For Less has some non press shots in more natural lighting conditions.

Travel and Leisure say 'The A350 is already a comfortable aircraft, but Virgin Atlantic’s warm new design and the introduction of the Loft really delivers ‘cozy’ and brings ‘hygge’ to new heights.'

'Virgin Atlantic VP of customer experience Daniel Kerzner, speaking to RGN on the sidelines of the A350 event in London, said the airline focused on customer research, product selection and customizing the CMF (colors, materials, and finishes) to create a distinctive sensory experience, that also delivers pleasure with a warmer palette.'

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