Botany Weaving Design Studio

Botany Weaving Design Studio

Botany has a design studio with nine qualified Textile Designers and two external London-based design consultants, and a dedicated weaving section for samples, allowing time to experiment and develop without pressure.


Our design teams collectively visit major European trade exhibitions to find ‘best in class’ examples to inform the design process. Industry sectors studied include interior design, furniture, fashion & textiles, accessories, aviation and automotive design.

We continuously scan the market following the evolution of colour, textures and influences, year on year. We have individual design teams dedicated to the design of carpets and fabrics. We aim to deliver a collection of pattern and new colour combinations that appeal to the emotional values and aesthetic drivers of airline passengers. Finding the balance, blurring of boundaries, meeting of ideas.

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With a heritage of innovation in design we are a leading provider of high-performance textile solutions. If you have a question or need inspiration, we’re here to help…

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