Skyline: 100% FR recycled polyester curtain for aviation, containing SEAQUAL® yarn



Skyline: 100% FR recycled polyester curtain for aviation, containing SEAQUAL® yarn
Designed by
Botany Weaving Design Studio
Drawing inspiration from the bustle and lights of a metropolitan horizon, SKYLINE is presented in a mix of 6 muted and bright shades. Skyline uses 100% recycled polyester and SEAQUAL® within the fabric. This curtain fabric passes all required testing and is available in additional shades at your request.
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Technical information


100% FR recycled polyester

(20% SEAQUAL®)

Width of fabric


no less than 140 cm

Wright of fabric


310 g/m²

Colourfastness to light of fabric test

Colourfastness to light

ISO 105:B02

Blue Scale Rating, 6 minimum

Flame retardant fabric test


FAR/JAR 25.853


AIB code (Airbus)

Dimensional stability

smoke and toxic gas emissions

Smoke and toxic gas emissions

ABD 0031 [ATS100.001, issue 5]


Abrasion performance

Martindate abrasion test

ISO 12947-2

> 25,000 cycles

Pilling of fabric test


IWS Test Method 196

4 - 5

Colourfast rubbing test fabric

Colourfastness to rubbing

AIB family code

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