Reflect: Nomex panel for aviation containing wool



Reflect: Nomex panel for aviation containing wool
Designed by
Botany Weaving Design Studio
The organic shapes and textures created by the elements of nature are our inspiration behind REFLECT. The reflections from our natural resources produce an array of colours and tones which can be seen in the mix of 6 natural shades below. REFLECT is a new addition for use on vertical surfaces with a drive in being more sustainable. This fabric contains 12% wool, 5% of which is recycled wool. All fabrics pass the required testing and are available in additional shades at your request.
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Technical information



88% Nomex  12% wool

(5% recycled wool)

Width of fabric


no less than 140 cm

Wright of fabric


490 g/m²

Colourfastness to light of fabric test

Colourfastness to light

ISO 105:B02

Blue Scale Rating, 6 minimum

Flame retardant fabric test


FAR/JAR 25.853


AIB code (Airbus)

Dimensional stability

smoke and toxic gas emissions

Smoke and toxic gas emissions

ABD 0031 [ATS100.001, issue 5]


Abrasion performance

Martindate abrasion test

ISO 12947-2

> 25,000 cycles

Pilling of fabric test


IWS Test Method 196

4 - 5

Colourfast rubbing test fabric

Colourfastness to rubbing

AIB family code

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