Botany’s Design Studio at London Design festival 2023

Botany’s Design Studio at London Design festival 2023

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend the London Design Festival 2023, a celebration of creativity and innovation in all fields of design. As always, we were impressed by the diversity and quality of the projects on display, from sustainable materials, to experiential, and interactive elements. Here are some highlights from our experience.


Our Botany Weaving design team of textile designers attended last week's London Design Festival 2023. Once again, it provided inspiration aplenty. An energising experience to check ut the latest trends, innovations and inspirations in the world of design and innovation. Here are just a few of the highlights of our visit.

Mandala Lab, Image;

Sustainability and circular design – one of the themes of particular interest to us — was featured throughout this years festival. We were most impressed by projects that showcased how design can address environmental and social challenges. One example at Canary Wharf, 'Mandala Lab' by Studio Nienke Hoogvliet, is a special project that explored how seaweed can be used as a sustainable material for textiles, dyeing and packaging. The project demonstrated how seaweed can offer various benefits, such as reducing water consumption, carbon emissions and waste.

Planted by Tanja Kirst from Material Matters at OXO Tower Wharf, Bankside

Another project that focused on sustainability was ‘Material Matters‘, an exhibition that showcased innovative materials including textiles designs incorporating orange peel, seaweed and hemp.

REWEAVE. Image: Kirsty McDougall / London Design Festival

On a related theme Circular Luxury promised ‘immersive presentation of elements showcasing processes and value chain on circular design, circular principles and responsibility, story telling and final pieces’ and delivered all that and more. It showcased the products and process of three designers in textiles, jewellery and fashion.

Midsummer Night’s Dream. Image: London Design Festival

A visual treat, Barnaby Barford at David Gill Gallery, is a rich evocation of the forest. At times a literally moving portrayal of the artists walks through flora and funghi. the artist terms these living paintings. They are quite hypnotic. (This continues until 3 October if you'd like to catch it.)

Halo, Photo: London Design Festival

An epic installation was Halo by Studio Waldemeyer at St Stephen Walbrook, a landmark project that creates a mesmerising ring of light above the church’s dome. Apparently, the installation uses 99,999 LED lights to simulate the sun's corona and create a dynamic spectacle of colours and patterns. A beautiful use of technology and light transforming a historic space into a futuristic vision.

Aura at St Paul’s Cathedral. Photo: London Design Festival

Another ‘exhibit of scale and wonder: Aura by Pablo Valbuena at St Paul's Cathedral, is a site-specific intervention that explored the relationship between sound and space. The installation used speakers and lights to create a pulsating rhythm that echoed the cathedral's architecture and history. The installation was quite a sensory experience – inviting us to perceive the space in a new way.

All together Photo: London Design District

In the Brompton Design District, All Together by All in Awe, is a playful street installation that invited visitors to interact with colourful inflatable shapes. It's a celebration of diversity and inclusivity. And, a fun way to connect with others.

Tom Dixon light exhibit at Coal Drops Yard. Photo: Garrett Reil

As always we gained a lot from attending London Design Festival 2023. Plenty of inspiration, ideas and insights to apply to our own work here in the design studio. Here at Botany, we believe that design has a powerful role to play in creating a positive experience for travellers and in improving performance and sustainability. We are looking forward to seeing more of the amazing work that designers are doing around the world.

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