2022 Collection

2022 Collection

Our 2022 collection: in response to the world’s environmental challenges, we have had to rethink how we produce our textiles to make a positive change for the future. We have created a new collection of fabrics, curtains, Nomex and carpets which each have a part to play in help of reducing airline’s carbon footprint.

Aviation + Rail
‘When designing this year’s collection, we decided not to use current design and colour trends as our inspiration that would go out of fashion quickly. Instead, as our source we have honoured the colours and textures appearing in nature and in recycled products — to extend the longevity of our product. Seeing how natural byproducts can be made into new materials, but still retaining their natural properties really fascinated us. An overall nurturing and calming effect is what we wanted our textiles to achieve. By using nature as our inspiration, we wanted to give a calming psychological effect on the mind which is needed due to the current challenges and conflict the world is facing.’
‘Within this project we will be collaborating with many other Furniture and textile companies across Ireland to find solutions to eliminate waste going forward to create a circular business model.’

Botany Weaving Design Studio

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