Terrain, a seating / upholstery fabric for contract / workplace



Terrain, a seating / upholstery fabric for contract / workplace
Terrain, a seating / upholstery fabric for contract / workplace
Designed by
Botany Weaving Design Studio
TERRAIN is a contemporary classic upholstery fabric. Its simple hopsack weave structure belies great strength and versatility. Composed of 92% wool, TERRAIN is named for wool’s natural beauty and sustainable qualities: like the landscape ever shifting, changing and renewing itself. The remaining 8% Nylon in the fabric adds extra durability and strength. Presented in 21 shades inspired by land and waterways, TERRAIN has a smooth and luxurious handle to suit a wide range of applications.
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Care and technical information

Abrasion performance

Abrasion / scheuerfestigkeit /résistance à l'abrasion / resistencia a la abrasión

Heavy duty
≥80,000 martindale cycles

Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic properties / akustische eigenschaften / propriétés accoustiques / acústico propriedades

60 degree washP washing symbolTumble washing symbolNo Tumble dry washing symbolIroning instruction – heat 2Bleach washing symbol

Cleaning & care / reinigung & pflege /nettoyage & entretien / limpieza & mantenimiento

Vacuum regularly
Wipe clean with a damp cloth or use upholstery shampoo
For deeper cleaning, professionally dry clean.

Colourfastness to light of fabric test

Colourfastness to light / lichtechteit /solidité à la lumière / solidez a la luz

ISO 105-B02
5-7 (scale 1 -8)

Colourfast rubbing test fabric

Colourfastness to rubbing /reibechtheit / solidité au frottement /solidez al rozamiento

ISO 105-X12
wet 4 / dry 4 (scale 1 -5)

Fabric composition icon

Composition / zusammensetzung /composition / composición

92% Wool 8% Nylon

Flame retardant fabric test

Flame retardancy / feuersicherung /flammabilité / inflamabilidad

EN 1021-1 (cigarette)
EN 1021-2 (match)
BS 7176 low hazard
BS 5852 ignition source (crib) 5
BS 7176 medium hazard when FR treated
DIN 4102 B2 when FR treated
NF D 60-013
ÖNORM B 3825 & A 3800-1
(over 58 kg/m³ CMHR foam) when FR treated
EN 13501-1 adhered class B, s1, d0 when FR treated
EN 13501-1 un-adhered class D, s2, d0 when FR treated
note: flammability performance is dependent on components used. our certificates show what substrates have been used in our tests. for composite tests customers must ensure their complete furniture meets the necessary standards.

Width of fabric

Width / breite / largeur / ancho

no less than 140 cm
no less than 55 inches

Wright of fabric

Weight / gewicht / poids / peso

410 gms/sq.mt +/- 5%
575 gms/l.mt +/- 5%
12.09 ozs/sq.yd +/- 5%
16.93 ozs/l.yd +/- 5%

Pilling of fabric test

Pilling / pillingbildung / boulochage /pilling

ISO 12945-2

4-5 (scale 1-5)

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